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    M.O. Auezov house-museum

    Great Kazakh writer, winner of Lenin and State Prizesgreat scholar and active social figure  MukhtarOmarkhanovich Auezov died on June 27, 1961By the Order of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR, # 10dated 15 August 1961, on establishing memorial of  Mukhtar Omarkhanovich Auezov, it was decided to open hismuseum. On November 28, 1963, M.O.Auezov’s Literary Memorial House-Museum was opened for the first visitors.In this house on the address 185, M.Tulebayev Street,  M.O.Auezov spent  last ten years of his life from 1951 to 1961.

    This house and rich foundation which became the basis of the exposition and includes manuscript heritage and personal library, have been donated to the Institute of Literature and Art by the writer's wife - Valentina Auezova.

    First exhibition existed 10 years until 1973. Author - artist N.P.AleksandrovThe exposition was located only on the first floor of the house. At that time the only memorial room was the study room of Mukhtar OmarkhanovichIn 1973, new exposition  was created (author of the project - artist Y.Nimits), which attracted the visitors’ attention  to the museum during twenty years. The exhibition included also the second floor of the house. Later the second memorial room was opened - bedroom, and then the corner of the interior of dining room. For extension of the second exposition,additional rooms have been built with consideration of the  interests of researchers  and technicians, as well as  cinema.

    Over the years, the museum has become one of the largest centers of Kazakhstan and world culture. Memorialvalues "Auezov’s House" - manuscripts, archive materials, photographs, negatives, exhibits, personal belongings, epistolary heritagefilm and video, audio materials are the national treasure of Kazakhstan and serve as a symbol of  spiritual culture of the nation.

    The museum expositions include  beautiful patterns of fine and applied art. Among them – works of the People's Artist of  USSR E.Vuchetich, portraits of M.Auezov by People’s artist of Kazakhstan A.KasteyevK.TelzhanovS.MambeyevN.Nurmukhamedov, graphic illustrations for the novel " Abay’s Way” by E.Sidorkin and pictures of costumes and scenery for M.Auezov’s plays  by famous artists G.IsmailovaA.Nenashev and E.Charnomsky.

    The writer’s daughter Leila Mukhtarovna Auezova (1929 - 1993) headed the main  work on creation of the museum, and was the Director of museum during 30 years until her last days. Under the leadership of L.M.Auezova themuseum staff has published numerous books on the study of the creative heritage of MOAuezov. She  has made a hugecontribution to the researchcollection and publication of M.O.Auezov’s numerous works.

    "Auezov’s House" has a completely original status, which distinguishes it from other museums and cultural institutions. It is a part of the M.O.Auezov Institute of Literature and Art. The museum staff, in addition to a largecultural and educational work, are actively involved in  research work.

    Over 20 years of independence, it became the only memorial  scientific and cultural center of Auezov studies. Staff of “Auezov House" for many years are doing research on  the writer’s life and work, collecting and publishing of his multi-volume works.

    The People's University of Kazakh literature and art was operating at House Museum from 1964 to 2000. More than 500 training sessions have been conducted under the leadership of its Rector - a well-known scientist Rakhmankul Berdibayev (scientific secretary T.Akimov). Prominent scientists, artists, writers such as Alkei Margulan, Gabit Musrepov, Gabiden Mustafin, Ilyas Yesenberlin, Abdizhamil Nurpeissov, Serik Kirabaev, Zeinolla Kabdolov, Yerkegali Rakhmadiyev and many others delivered lectures, shared opinions. During the class the discussions  were conducted on the development of  Kazakh language, study of ancient heritage,  revival of half-forgotten musical, literary, folklore traditions of Kazakh people.

    In 1997  a new exhibition of the museum (author - artist Berdaly Kusherbayev) has been prepared and opened for the 100th anniversary of M.O.Auezov.    

           Year 1997 was declared by UNESCO, a year of Mukhtar Auezov and included into the list of world's memorial datesIn connection with the 100th anniversary of the writer in 1994, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstanadopted a resolution to change the name of the museum to the Scientific and Cultural Center "Auezov’s House" and conducting restoration and construction workThe complex and thorough work lasted four years. In the result the museum has been completely reconstructed and restored, additional rooms for the archive and unique manuscript collection have been built.

    On September 27, 1997 the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev opened newly renovated museum complexChingiz AitmatovDavid KugultinovPolad Bul-Bul oglu and many writers and artistswho participated in the jubilee events dedicated to  the 100th anniversary of M.O.Auezov, attended the opening ceremony.

    The main direction of research department of the museum under supervision of  D.Kunayev - collecting, research, publication and promotion of the creative heritage of M.O.Auezov in interaction of  Kazakh and worldliterature. At present "Auezov’s House" is the only memorial  scientific and cultural center of Auezov studies. The museum  staff for many years is engaged in the studies of  life and creative work of the writer, collection andpublication of artistic works.

            Encyclopedia "M.O.Auezov" and full academic works by M.O.Auezov in 50 volumes (project leader  D.Kunayev)have been first published. New collection of essays includes a huge amount of archival materials, letters, unknownmanuscripts, sketches, notes, reports, speeches of the writer and prominent public figure in different forums andnumerous discussionsThe texts of lectures, feedbacks, reviews have been published. Thus, the creative and scientific heritage of M.O.Auezov has been  presented to  full extent for the first time.

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