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    "Art history of kazakhs" is the first attempt to create a regulated work that is linking all various chains of the artistic culture of Kazakhstan beginning from ancient times till present time with the results of development of the independent ethnic culture of Kazakh people. This work that attracts the wide range of art works is based on the concept of successive development of art in Kazakhstan during thousand years history.

    Main objectives of the presented book lay within the important issues of contemporary art history of Kazakhstan. They are as follows: identification of the artistic-esthetic peculiarity, original ways and regulations of art formation in Kazakhstan from ancient times till present time, realizing successive linkage between contemporary Kazakh culture and traditional spiritual values. "Art history of kazakhs" includes capacious description of the different stages of cultural development on the territory of Kazakhstan, the sources and peculiarity of nomadic civilization art were identified, real philosophic succession links between art of different historical epochs investigated, the regulations and special features of Kazakh decorative, theatrical and musical art identified from the period of their development till present time.



    In this publication written in state language the topical scientific idea dedicated to the culture of Kazakhstan during Medieval period is being developed for the first time. It is the continuation of the earlier published volume "Art history of kazakhs". The book highlights such complicated and important historical-theoretic issues of contemporary art history as development and existence of early paradigms of fine art, rock drawings, symbols, sighs etc. in spiritual culture of Kazakh people that reflect human philosophy and perception of the world and his links with the environment. Essential part of the research is devoted to the development of the issues of formation and functioning of music, restoration of sound palette of the Medieval period, composition and structure of the various music forms. The subject of the research is shamans art in their complex conceptual display, syncretism, folklore sources cycle, relation between poetic and musical beginnings etc; the book also includes Kazakh historical songs; musical instruments in the ancient archeological monuments; analysis of the epic kobyz and dombra quart kuys, philosophic-esthetical thoughts of Oriental thinkers. Alongside with foregoing problem, connected with historian of the shaping national art, in given tire; exhaust lit germinal elements of the theatrics in spiritual life of kazakh folk.